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It is the treatment of bruises under the eyes and wrinkles around the eyes.

Under Eye Light Filling

What is Under Eye Light Filling?

Under-eye light filling is a method used in the treatment of under-eye bags, bruises and wrinkles around the eyes that occur due to aging, fatigue, sleep disorders and unhealthy living habits. The under-eye pit is filled with under-eye light filling, the skin around the eyes is restructured and rejuvenated.

Under-eye light filler is a hyaluronic acid formula produced for eyelid problems. With the decrease of hyaluronic acid, the skin loses its vitality and brightness. Hyluronic acid, on the other hand, makes the skin look fresh and moist due to its intense water-retaining feature. With under-eye light fillings, it is aimed to regain this vitality and moisture lost in the skin.

How is Under-Eye Light Filling Made?

The hyaluronic acid-based filler is injected into the custody with very fine needles. In this technique, the filling is made on the upper part of the bone instead of under the skin. With under-eye light filling, the under-eye light is given and the skin looks healthy. During this procedure, the patient does not feel pain as anesthetic cream is applied around the eyes. After this treatment method, which can be preferred by both women and men, pain and scars do not occur in patients. Small bruises that may occur in some patients will pass within 1-2 days.

Persistence of Under-Eye Light Filling

Permanence of under-eye light filling varies between 1-1.5 years.

What Should Be Considered After Under-Eye Light Filling Application?

It is necessary to avoid taking a hot bath on the first day after the under-eye light filling is done. In addition, excessive facial movements and laughing should be avoided for 2-3 days, and sports should not be done for about 1 week.

Lip filler

What is Lip Filling? To whom it is applicable

Lip filler; It is an application made to plump the lips, gain volume and achieve a more aesthetic appearance.

One of the areas where aging is most effective in women is the lips and their surroundings. Lip augmentation is the most effective treatment for wrinkles in and around the lip, shrinkage due to volume and moisture loss, and unwanted images on and around the lip. It is possible to have younger, fuller and aesthetic lips with lip augmentation, in which the effects of aging are minimized.

Mersin Aesthetic Lip Filling

Fillers with hyaluronic acid content are generally used in lip augmentation applications to make the lips look fuller and well-groomed.

With lip augmentation applications;

  • Lip lines become more pronounced
  • Lips gain a symmetrical appearance
  • The sagging on the lip edges is eliminated
  • A natural plumping effect is seen
  • Your lip makeup looks more beautiful.

How is Lip Filling Done, Who Can Benefit From Lip Filling?

Lip filling applications are very practical and short-term applications and take 15-20 minutes. Before the application, the area is anesthetized with local anesthetic cream, and the filler is carefully injected into the lip with a very fine needle. In order to minimize the risk of bruising, apparatuses that we call non-pointed cannula are used. The permanence of lip augmentation varies according to the skin type of the people and is effective between 9-12 months on average. This period may sometimes take longer depending on the metabolic structure of the person.

The filler, consisting of hyaluronic acid, is metabolized and lost when its life is over. In some cases, when the filling melts, it causes an increase in collagen and regeneration is experienced on the lips. In this case, the lip volume becomes better than before.

Before lip augmentation applications, it should be determined whether there are factors affecting the sensitivity of the filler material and the aesthetic appearance negatively. A person must be at least 18 years old to have lip fillers. If there is herpes on the lips before the application, it is expected to pass.

Lip augmentation applications are frequently preferred aesthetic applications because they can return to daily life immediately after the application and there is no surgical intervention.

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