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They are cystic tumors located in the dermal layer and filled with keratin debris.

What is Removal of Epidermal Cysts? Removal Treatment of Epidermal Cysts

Epidermal cysts are cystic tumors filled with keratin debris, which are formed as a result of proliferation of epidermal cells in the skin or superficial subcutaneous tissue. It can be seen in any part of the body, usually the head and neck region.

Epidermal cysts, which are usually asymptomatic and cause only cosmetic problems, can also be a symptom of some diseases, depending on the age, location and number of them.

Epidermal cysts are usually benign formations that occur spontaneously or after trauma, can be seen in all age groups, and can rarely be malignant. In some cases, the cysts may become infected and form flowing sores, and may appear red and swollen.


The treatment of these cysts is surgical and they must be completely removed by maintaining the integrity of the wall.

Cyst removal is usually performed under local anesthesia. The cyst is cut and removed, and the area is sutured. In some cases, the cyst content can be drained and left to heal or applications can be made without stitches. Your doctor will decide on the most appropriate treatment.


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