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Why Botox Ends Early ?

Botox is secreted from the nerve endings, allowing the mimic muscles to relax. However, this effect of botox is temporary.

Why Botox Ends Early ?
Why Botox Ends Early ? Border

The nerve endings that give the signal to the mimic muscles to slacken are restructured and get rid of the anti-contraction effect of botox. For this reason, the effect of botox lasts for 4-6 months in many people.

What are the Factors Affecting the Permanence of Botox?

There are some factors that affect the permanence of Botox application. We have listed these factors as follows;

1) Structure of Wrinkles

Botox duration of people with superficial and small wrinkles lasts longer than people with deep wrinkles.

2) Dose of Botox Applied

Another factor affecting the permanence of botox is the dose of botox applied. It may make sense to increase the dose for a more permanent botox effect. However, this situation can create a faceless, artificial appearance. For this reason, many people do not want to increase the dose. Instead, “baby botox” applications, which give a more natural appearance and use less dose, are applied. Baby botox application, known as natural botox, also lasts a little shorter.

3) Frequency of Botox

People who have Botox application more regularly, the need for Botox decreases over time. This is completely related to the reduction of the contraction force of the mimic muscles of regular botox. In this way, the effect of the same amount of botox is perceived as prolonged. In other words, the botoxes made by people who have regular botox go away for a longer time.

4) Mimic Emoticons

Botox for people who use their mimics more actively usually takes a shorter time. In addition, the botox of people who do heavy training may be less permanent.

5) Gender

The size and density of muscles on the faces of women is less than that of men. For this reason, according to studies, the effect of botox applied to men disappears faster than women.

6) Competence of the Implementing Expert

Every person's facial anatomy and facial muscle density are different from each other. Therefore, every dose does not have the same effect in every person. Too little or too much of the dose can lead to unsatisfactory results. For this reason, botox treatment should be applied by trained and experienced physicians who are legally approved to perform the procedure.

7) Metabolism

Each person's body chemistry is unique. For this reason, people's metabolism directly affects whether the muscle-blocking effect of botox lasts for a shorter or longer time than expected.


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