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Skin Spotting

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. At the same time, internal and external factors It is our organ that is subject to wear and tear.

Skin Spotting
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Our skin tells us how our body works, how we eat or what kind of skin care routine we have. Our skin protects our body temperature and protects us from the harmful effects of the outside world. While doing these, it gives some signals in any negative situation. When we take the right step by noticing these signals, it is possible to have a healthy glowing skin.

What do we feed our skin with?

The tiredness and poor diet brought about by daily life cause our skin to get tired. In this case, it will be beneficial to take care of our skin with suitable products.

We buy a lot of products for our skin. So how many of them do we use regularly or do we know if these products are right for our skin? At this point, it is important to use the product suitable for our skin structure correctly and regularly. We can get help from our dermatologist when choosing the right product for our skin type.


Why do skin spots occur?

Skin spots occur as a result of irregularity in the cells that give the skin its color. Some skin blemishes are caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. In addition, the methods that cause damage to the skin, pregnancy, genetic predisposition, use of wrong cosmetic products, hormonal diseases, obesity, and drug use also affect the formation of skin spots.

Many skin blemishes often occur in the summer months. Sunspots are caused by genetic predisposition and exposure to ultraviolet rays. It is possible to prevent this situation and get rid of sunspots. First of all, we should use a sunscreen suitable for our skin structure and get support from our dermatologist in case of blemishes.


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Yüz ve Dudak Dolgusu Nedir? Yüz ve Dudak Dolgusu Nasıl Yapılır?

Yüz ve Dudak Dolgusu Nedir? Yüz ve Dudak Dolgusu Nasıl Yapılır?

Dolgu maddelerinin deri altına enjekte edilmesi ile yapılan dolgu estetiği, derideki ince ve derin kırışıklıkları gidermek, yara izlerini tedavi etmek, ciltteki çukurları yok etmek, ince dudakları kalınlaştırmak, yanaklara dolgunluk vermek amacıyla yapılmaktadır.

Tırnak Hastalıkları

Tırnak Hastalıkları

Tırnaklar derimizin uzantısı olarak genel sağlığımızı yansıttığı gibi sağlıklı görünümü kozmetik açıdan da önem arz eder. Tırnakların kozmetik görüntüleri dışında önemli fonksiyonları da vardır.



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