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Scar Treatment

After traumas, surgeries, and accidents experienced by people Injuries, burns, some skin infections and cuts are called scars on the body. causes scar formation.

Scar Treatment
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These wounds, which leave a bad image on the upper layer of the skin, affect people psychologically. The first intervention before the wound occurs after trauma is very important to avoid scarring. The depth and size of the wound are directly proportional to the effect of the trauma. Treatments for scarring ensure that the appearance of scars is minimized.

What is a scar?

It is the destruction of the upper layer of the skin for various reasons. Scars are a problem that affects the person, especially in visible areas. Scarring occurs due to reasons such as falling, trauma, surgical intervention, burning, cutting. Scars remain in surgical operations, but these scars are tried to be closed or minimized. Scars cannot be completely destroyed, only their visibility is reduced.

What are the problems caused by scars?

Most of the scars disappear on their own over time and do not cause any health problems. How the scar changes depends on its location, size, and type. Scars become less visible over time, but they do not disappear completely. Some scars can cause pain and itching months or years later, causing problems.

What scars will remain?

Although most of the scars disappear spontaneously over time without treatment, some of them can be permanent. As the skin loses its firmness with age, the scars caused by acne become more prominent.

How does the scar go?

Although it is not possible to completely heal the wounds on the face and arms after an accident and trauma, it is possible to reduce them. In some deep scars, surgical intervention is performed to reduce the width and thickness of the wound.

In the early period of the scar, pressure is applied on the scar with the help of silicone sheets, allowing the wound to swell and heal more smoothly. Apart from this method, which is effective only in the early period, some scar creams can also be used.

Laser treatment is effective on settled scars. Thanks to the laser, the appearance of scars can be reduced after a few sessions. It is also possible to heal some scars by applying PRP treatment. If the scar is in a collapsed condition, fat injection can be made under the wound.

The use of procedures called dermabrasion peeling can also be effective in scars that negatively affect the person psychologically. While the burns are healing, they cause a large amount of scarring and should be treated in the acute period. The treatment to be applied is determined by the degree of the burn.

Most Used Methods in Scar Treatment

In the treatment of scars, laser and sanding processes, that is, mechanical abrasion of the scar area, are applied. In addition, the scar is treated with the application of PRP (Platelet rich plasma) obtained from the person's own blood. Silicone and scar creams may work in the acute period. However, surgical intervention may not always be the solution for scar treatment. It is possible to narrow the scar only in some large scars.


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