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Pink Glow

Instant glamorous and beautiful skin, instantly naturally glowing skin

Pink Glow
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Unstable Hyaluronic Acid 0.3%

It has anti-inflammatory, invigorating and vascular stabilizing effects with a remarkable moisture-storing effect. It is also a powerful antioxidant.

Coenzyme Complex

Accelerates metabolic and reconstructive processes in the skin. The 23 amino acid complex and the components related to these complexes play an active role in the protein and especially collagen synthesis process. This is a kind of "basic building block" for young skin cells.

Mineral Complex

It regulates numerous cellular functions, normalizes the ionic cell balance of the epidermis and dermis, and improves metabolic processes.

13 Vitamins

A, C, E, I, B Complex It has positive effects on skin elasticity and firmness, maintains the balance in the skin, supports skin change processes, stimulates collagen synthesis, strengthens the vessel walls, has anti-inflammatory properties, and also reduces the signs of hyperpigmentation.


Nucleoside Complex

This complex acts as a kind of information carrier and controls the sequence of amino acid components in the chain during protein synthesis.


  1. (Vitamin C, Glutathione) It stops the oxidation of free radicals in epidermis and dermis cells.
  2. Improvement in age-related changes in the skin (Mild and moderate wrinkles, atrophy, laxity in the skin, alignment of microrelief).
  3. Treatment of skin dehydration as a result of skin overhydration and any etiology.
  4. Preparing the skin before excessive sun exposure, active rehabilitation therapy after skin exposure. Circulatory disorders in the skin (couperosis).
  5. Prevention or correction of early signs of aging and photoaging. Prevention of degenerative changes in the skin during hormonal changes.
  6. Preparation for rehabilitation after chemical peeling, laser, mechanical skin peeling and aesthetic surgery.


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Akıllı Dolgu

Akıllı Dolgu

Dolgu Nedir? Dolgu maddeleri deri altına enjekte edilerek yapılan dolgu estetiği, derideki ince ve derin kırışıklıkları gidermek, yara izlerini tedavi etmek, ciltteki çukurları yok etmek, ince dudakları kalınlaştırmak, yanaklara dolgunluk vermek amacıyla kullanılan maddelerdir.

Göz Altı Işık Dolgusu Kısaca

Göz Altı Işık Dolgusu Kısaca

Dünyada her iki kişiden biri göz altı morluk ve halkalanma problemi yaşamaktadır. Göz çevresinin derisi diğer deri alanlarına göre ince yapıdadır.



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