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Nucleophile DNA Glow

Nucleofill DNA glow is a new generation mesotherapy application containing natural polynucleotides.

Nucleophile DNA Glow
Nucleophile DNA Glow Border

It provides high antioxidant effect and intense moisturizing. Beauty vaccines are among the popular applications of the medical aesthetic world because they allow us to achieve a natural rejuvenation and plumping under the skin. Thanks to an extremely comfortable procedure that lasts for 15-20 minutes in total, high levels of vitamins, minerals and amino acids transmitted to the deep tissue renew and refresh the skin from the inside out. Nucleofill treatment, known as DNA Radiance, provides intense moisturization, cellular rejuvenation in the skin structure, anti-aging protection and biological restructuring under the skin with its rich content with multiple DNA chaining ability. Sending such a rich content under the skin with a single application is an important feature that distinguishes the Nucleophile DNA Radiance application from other mesotherapy and beauty vaccines.

What is Nucleofill DNA Radiance?

The nucleotides in the cell structure come together to form polynucleotides, that is, multiple nucleotide structures. Nucleotides are important structures for cell metabolism. Nucleofill DNA Flash contains multi-nucleotide polynucleotides derived from Salmon DNA. Nucleotide DNA Radiance, in the form of a dense fluid gel, is a kind of youth vaccine that delivers a large number of nucleotides that we need under the skin to the deep tissues in a single mixture. Considering the fact that the main reason for skin aging is the weakening of defense mechanisms against free radicals as age progresses, Nucleofill DNA Radiance; while strengthening the skin against free radicals, it provides an excellent skin renewal. In addition to having a slow and permanent regeneration effect, it does not cause an allergic reaction thanks to its biologically compatible content. Nucleophile DNA Radiance is an extremely safe skin rejuvenation and anti-aging protection protocol without any side effects.

What Does Nucleofill DNA Sparkle Do?

The pure form of PN Poly Deoxyribonucleotide contained in the Nucleofill DNA glow is a very powerful medical regenerative ingredient, it renews the cell. The Nucleofill DNA glow, which rejuvenates the skin cells, almost rewinds the age of the skin. The skin, which is strengthened from the inside out, tightens. With its skin rejuvenation, anti-aging protection and intense skin nourishment feature, Nucleophile DNA Radiance offers many things we need in medical aesthetics.

  • It provides intense and deep moisturizing under the skin.
  • It has anti-aging protection effect. It tightens the skin with its lifting effect.
  • It improves the signs of aging.
  • It opens fine wrinkles and prevents the formation of new wrinkles.
  • Evens out skin tone.
  • Revitalizes the skin and gives shine.

Medical applications with multiple benefits such as Nucleophile DNA Radiance are especially ideal for older skin. We are freed from performing separate procedures for anti-aging protection, for intensive moisturizing and skin rejuvenation, and for skin tightening. Thus, the patient gets tired less, and we save time.

Nucleophile DNA Flash Effects

Nucleotide has the ability to absorb high amounts of water due to its structure. Thanks to this feature, Nucleofill DNA Radiance increases the moisture content of the skin significantly and for a long time. Intense and permanently moist environment in deep tissues triggers collagen production and provides plumping of fibroblast tissue. The role of antioxidants is very important in the fight against free radicals, and Nucleophile DNA Radiance prevents cell damage and heals past damage thanks to its high antioxidant effect. 

Nucleophil DNA Radiance triggers and stimulates the self-renewal of the skin biologically, as it ensures that the skin cells have the ideal physiological environment to renew the fibroblast tissue. Visibly increases the elasticity of the skin from the first session. With regular use, it can stop the loss of elasticity. After the Nucleophile DNA Radiance, the skin layers are strengthened, the skin is rejuvenated and the skin's resistance to environmental conditions is strengthened.

How is Nucleofill DNA Made?

Nucleofill DNA vaccine in gel form is a mesotherapy application performed with a needle. Very fine needles are used. It is injected into the deep tissue in small amounts and slowly. The application area is anesthetized with anesthetic cream 15 minutes before the procedure. Nucleophile DNA Glow is a painless medical aesthetic application. The post-anesthesia procedure takes a few minutes to complete. In addition to skin rejuvenation, Nucleophil Eyes, which is used especially around the eyes, and Nucleophil Hair, which we apply in hair mesotherapy, are other nucleophile types and areas of use. Nucleophile DNA Glow does not contain allergens and is a highly tissue compatible vitamin complex. For this reason, the possibility of developing any side effects is low. It is one of the important advantages of Nucleophile DNA Radiance, which is suitable for all skin types and can be used at any age.

How Many Sessions of Nucleofill DNA Radiance Should Be Done?

The most important criterion that determines the number of sessions is the biological age of the skin, and the skin age is usually younger in men and women who regularly take care of their skin. Nucleofill DNA Radiance should be applied for at least 3 sessions on mature skin. Thus, the tissue repair process that starts under the skin continues for a longer period of time and the final result will be a much greater improvement and rejuvenation. Repeating the Nucleophile DNA Flash at 6 months/1 year intervals after the protocol is completed ensures that the result is permanent. While it is possible to apply as a single session on young skin, it is also an alternative approach to extend the session interval and establish a long-term protocol in the form of 2 or 3 sessions.

When Does Nucleofill DNA Radiance Work?

2 weeks after the first session, you begin to feel the tension of the deep tissues and the skin begins to lift. At this point, it is usually time for the second session. Afterwards, the skin continues to heal, brighten and tighten. After an average of 2-3 months after the completion of the protocol, you will have almost achieved the image we aimed with the Nucleophile DNA Glow. Collagen synthesis under the skin continues for a while.

After Nucleophile DNA Flashing

While the nucleophile repairs the tissues under the skin, supporting the skin with a healthy diet, plenty of water consumption and food supplements such as collagen affects the result positively. The skin should not come into contact with water for the first 6-8 hours after the Nucleophile DNA Radiance application. Hot showers are not recommended in the first 24 hours. It is important to stay away from extremely hot or extremely cold environments for a week to maintain the effectiveness of the vaccine. You can continue your daily life and holiday plan as you wish, as no side effects other than a slight redness develop after the Nucleophile DNA Radiance, which can be applied even in the summer months.


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