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Myrtle Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss can occur due to genetics, stress, seasonal transitions and various diseases.

Myrtle Hair Loss Treatment
Myrtle Hair Loss Treatment Border

Your hair may be falling out for many reasons. The important thing is to identify these causes and to make the appropriate treatment for you. If the hair loss problem continues for a long time, it may be a sign of serious diseases. It is considered normal to lose 100 - 150 hairs per day due to washing and combing. However, if you have a hair loss problem that lasts for more than 3 months, you should definitely be examined by a dermatologist. Mersin dermatology clinic will help you regain your lost hair with Mersin hair loss treatments that are suitable for you.

Mersin Regenera Activa Hair Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell autologous micrograft treatment in Mersin is an alternative and quite safe method for the solution of hair problems, which ensures the regeneration of capillaries by stimulating them. The hair follicles on the nape and behind the ears are hereditarily coded to stay strong and healthy. The logic of obtaining a special cell suspension from these healthy hair follicles and applying the suspension to the problematic scalp to support sick and lifeless hair follicles is called Regenera Activa hair stem cell therapy.

Thanks to Mersin Regenera Activa treatment, people with hair loss problem decrease after 2-3 weeks and it is aimed to grow new hair after 3 months. In recent years, this innovative treatment for hair loss problems has attracted a lot of attention. The aim of this method is; It stimulates the regeneration of capillaries and strengthens the hair follicles to ensure their regeneration. The most important feature of the treatment is that this effect is made by the person's own cells.

Hair loss problem in men and women is usually seen on the forehead and the crown area. Regenera Activa hair stem cell treatment, which is made by taking 3-4 punches from the hair in the back of the ear, is performed painlessly and painlessly because it is applied with local anesthesia. This treatment, in which a special hair loss treatment is prepared only from your own tissue by converting into a special cell suspension, usually lasts for a single session. The application of the Regenera Activa method, which is a highly effective treatment method for hair loss problem, takes about 30 minutes.

The benefits of Regenera Activa hair stem cell therapy are as follows;

  • It protects and revitalizes your hair.
  • It strengthens your elongated but weak hair.
  • By thickening the thin hair strands, it gives a voluminous and hairy appearance.
  • It activates the dead hair cells under the scalp and allows them to rise above the scalp.
  • On the other hand, Regenera Activa hair stem cell treatment also acts as a preparatory treatment for hair transplantation and is applied during or after a while, increasing the success of hair transplantation.

Mersin Hair PRP

Consisting of the initials of the terms 'Platelet Rich Plasma', PRP is a procedure performed by injecting a substance obtained from the person's own blood. PRP is platelet-enriched plasma of injected substances. This plasma, which is a blood component that helps blood to clot and contains proteins, contains different proteins that support cell growth. Prp is injected into damaged tissues in the body and contributes to the healthy growth of cells.

Hair prp is the method in which people who experience hair loss get the most effective results. It is done by taking the person's own blood and going through certain procedures. While making hair prp, the part called fibroblast, which will feed the roots and ensure their development, is separated and injected into the spilled area. This method is very effective especially in people who have hair loss problems due to genetics. It can be applied in combination with the hair mesotherapy method.

Mersin Hair Mesotherapy

The application of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes to the middle layer of the skin by microinjection, alone or by mixing, is called mesotherapy. Mesotherapy method is an extremely effective method in the treatment of hair loss. Hair mesotherapy includes the process of injecting vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and circulatory-regulating substances needed for healthy growth and development of hair directly into the scalp with the help of micro needles. The injection process is provided at approximately 1 cm intervals. Afterwards, a massage is applied to the scalp.

Hair mesotherapy is a suitable treatment method for men as well as women. No pain or pain is felt while applying. This treatment can be applied as a monthly cure. Thanks to hair mesotherapy, hair loss stops and stronger hair is provided. From the first session, a change can be felt by showing its effect and the hair can regain its old lively and bright appearance.


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