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Mersin Thread Face Lift

With the aging of the skin layers loosen with the effect of gravity. hangs down.

Mersin Thread Face Lift
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Non-surgical thread lift can be applied to people who are uncomfortable with this saggy appearance. Threads specially produced for the non-surgical stretching process are placed on the lower layer of the skin and the sagging facial structure is recovered upwards. The rope suspension method can also be effective in sagging on the jaw line, eyebrows and neck sagging in the face area.

How is Thread Face Lift Performed?

The threads used in the facelift process are produced from materials that are completely meltable and do not pose any allergy risk. When the thread, which is advanced to the middle layer of the skin by means of a guide, reaches the desired area, it is pulled from the entry point. While pulling the thread, it also lifts the tissues upwards with the effect of the notches on it. In order to achieve the desired image, it is often necessary to place more than one rope at different angles. Non-surgical facelift application is usually completed in half an hour under local anesthesia.

To Whom Can Thread Lifting Be Applied?

Non-surgical thread face lifting is suitable for the age range of 35-60 years. However, it can also be applied to older people who do not have too much sagging and do not have heavy oily skin. For people who do not want to receive anesthesia and are afraid of the side effects of the surgery, thread face suspension may be preferred.

How Does a Thread Face Lift Work?

Within weeks, new collagen bundles form around the thread in the lower layer of the skin. The circulation of the placed threads under the skin increases the production of collagen and the moisture balance of the skin. With the increase in collagen production, wrinkles decrease, skin tightening increases and sagging areas are recovered. It takes 3 months to see the full effect. Although the effect of thread facelift differs from person to person, it lasts for 2 years. In addition, even if the effect wears off, the person will have a more tense face than before. It can be reapplied after the effect wears off.

What Should Be Considered After Thread Face Lift?

When the thread face lift is applied correctly and under suitable conditions, it has no side effects. Slight swelling, bruising, tenderness, slight edema and dimples called dimples may occur in the application area. These effects pass within 1-2 weeks and there is no scar. At the end of the procedure, the patient can return to his daily life and put on make-up after 24 hours. After having a thread face lift, dental practices, biting hard foods, lying on your stomach, and moving your facial muscles too much should be avoided for 2 weeks.

To Whom Thread Face Lifting Cannot Be Applied

  • Pregnant women,
  • People with collagen tissue disorders,
  • Those who use blood thinners and vitamins (Aspirin, E-vitamin, biloba, fish oil, anticoagulant drug intake),
  • Those whose skin texture is too thick or too thin,
  • For patients with uncontrolled diabetes.

What You Need to Know About Thread Lifting

  • Thanks to the threads placed under the skin during the treatment, collagen production occurs within a few weeks and the skin begins to renew itself. Thus, wrinkles begin to decrease, the skin becomes elastic and recovery is achieved in sagging areas.
  • Face suspension with thread can be applied to both genders.
  • There is no harm in applying it in combination with other aesthetic procedures such as Botox and filling.


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