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Mersin Dermatology Clinic Cellulite Treatment

Inflammation of the deep parts of the skin and the tissues under the skin caused by microbes is called cellulitis.

Mersin Dermatology Clinic Cellulite Treatment
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Cellulite, which usually occurs on the legs, can also occur in other parts of the body, such as the arms and face. The causative agent of the disease is mostly Streptococcus and Staphylococcus bacteria.

How does the disease occur?

Bacteria enter the skin through wounds such as burns, cuts, abrasions, ulcers, or through cracks that develop due to skin diseases such as eczema and fungus, causing inflammation.

What are the signs of the disease?

Cellulite shows signs of skin redness, swelling, tenderness and pain in areas close to cuts and scrapes.

Is cellulite contagious?

Cellulite is not transmitted from person to person. However, as long as your illness continues, you should wash your hands frequently and not share your personal items such as towels with family members.

What can be done in treatment?

Treatment should be started as early as possible. The vast majority of patients recover completely with antibiotic therapy. In cases where treatment is delayed or left untreated, it can cause abscess, ulcer development, spread of inflammation to muscle and bone tissue, vascular inflammation (thrombophlebitis), and poisoning of the blood by microbes (sepsis).

How is cellulite treated?

Antibiotics are used for at least 7 days in the treatment of cellulite. If the infection is mild, it is first treated with oral antibiotics. Bed rest accelerates the response to treatment and recovery. However, as lying in the same position for a long time will increase the risk of clot formation in the vein, the position should be changed frequently and short walks should be made.

How long does cellulite treatment take?

Relief of symptoms is expected within 1-3 days. If it does not regress, it may be necessary to consult your doctor again. If the disease is severe or there is no response to oral antibiotic therapy, intravenous antibiotic therapy is given. Your doctor may add pain medications to your treatment to reduce pain and edema. He may recommend wet, cold dressings.

What are the other points to be considered in the treatment?

When cellulite is on the legs, besides bed rest, the leg should be kept up and not hung down. If there are skin diseases such as fungus or eczema, they should be treated.

When should a patient who has received cellulite treatment consult a doctor again?

Very rapid progression of redness and swelling

Fever over 38 degrees, chills, gradual intensification of pain

Development of fluid-filled blisters in the cellulite area, loss of sensation

Nausea, vomiting

Blurring of consciousness or delirium

Acceleration of breathing

Heart rate above 100 beats per minute


What should we do to prevent cellulite from recurring?

The skin should be kept clean and moisturized.

Attention should be paid to hand cleaning, nails should be short and clean. Patients with diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart or kidney diseases or taking immunosuppressive drugs are at higher risk for cellulite development, so more care should be taken.

In some patients, it is necessary to prevent recurrent cellulitis attacks.

Is it the same disease as cellulite that occurs on the legs in women?

It is necessary to distinguish cellulite from cosmetic cellulite, which is another cosmetic condition. Cosmetic cellulite is a condition in which the skin looks like an orange peel due to the irregularity of the subcutaneous fat tissue. It can be improved by losing weight, doing sports, exercising and cosmetic procedures.

Who is at higher risk of developing cellulite?

Obese, pregnant

Those with diabetes

Those undergoing chemotherapy for cancer treatment

Those taking immunosuppressant drugs

Those who have blood circulation disorders in the legs (heart failure, liver disease and those who have undergone surgery for lymph nodes)

Those who have a skin disease that disrupts the integrity of the skin such as herpes, fungus, eczema, psoriasis, wounds

Substance abusers

Those who have had cellulite before

What are the symptoms of cellulite? How does it watch?

When the skin with cellulite is touched, it feels red, swollen, hot and painful. There may be malaise in the body, weakness, headache. Fever may occur. It tends to spread towards the environment. Lymph nodes swell in the groin when in the leg, and in the armpit when in the arms.




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