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Is Botox Harmful to Human Health ?

Botox, which is the most effective method for the formation of wrinkles and removing wrinkles, has no harm to human health.

Is Botox Harmful to Human Health ?
Is Botox Harmful to Human Health ? Border

Botox is produced from the natural Clostridium Botulinum bacteria and is a very beneficial application as long as it is done in the right hands. In addition to removing wrinkles, it is also used for the treatment of medical ailments such as sweating, migraine and teeth clenching.

Side Effects and Harms of Botox Application

It is rare to encounter side effects after botox application. Until now, some symptoms have been encountered very rarely in botox applications. It is a very safe practice when done correctly, with approved products.

Under Which Conditions Is Botox Harmful?

Extremely serious negative situations can be seen when Botox is applied by non-experts in places where there is no health institution such as beauty salons. Authorized physicians can perform this procedure in health institutions such as practice, polyclinic, and hospital. The person performing it must be a plastic surgeon or dermatology specialist or a medical aesthetic certified physician approved by the Ministry of Health. Botox application will not be harmful for your health when a specialist physician, a correct clinic approved by the Ministry of Health, registered-approved products are preferred. Botox application is generally a safe application and when it is done in the right centers, the necessary treatment approach will be applied in case of any negative situation.


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