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Is Botox Good for Headaches ?

Chronic headache is a condition that reduces a person's quality of life.

Is Botox Good for Headaches ?
Is Botox Good for Headaches ? Border

Botox is mostly used to reduce wrinkles or prevent wrinkle formation. For this reason, when it comes to botox, the first thing that comes to mind is facial botox. However, botox application is also a method used for migraine treatment. Botox injection applied to the forehead and neck region relieves migraine attacks. Experts have been using botox injection for a long time for migraine, which negatively affects the social life of the person. Migraine Botox, which is a very effective method to relieve chronic headache, is often preferred because it increases the quality of life of the person.

How Is Migraine Botox Made ?

Migraine botox is made by applying injections to the areas where pain occurs with the help of small needles. Migraine Botox, which is applied due to headache, is usually applied to the forehead, head and neck areas. While applying migraine botox, pain is not felt. However, since the injection will be administered, tiny pains such as mosquito bites may be felt. Migraine botox application, which lasts about 15 minutes, is repeated at regular intervals. This practice continues until the migraine disease ceases to be chronic. Results are usually taken after 2 sessions. Depending on the severity of the migraine, some people may need a third session.

What are the Advantages of Migraine Botox ?

Migraine attacks, which negatively affect the social and work life of the person, reduce the quality of life of the patient. This discomfort, which limits the daily life of the patient, may cause effects such as nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, sensitivity to light and sound, and the desire to be alone. The drugs used by people with migraine have many side effects. The biggest advantage of migraine botox is getting rid of the side effects of these drugs. In addition, thanks to migraine botox, the person gets rid of the regular use of migraine medication.

Migraine Botox Prices

Since the prices of migraine botox vary according to many factors, it would not be correct to say a clear price. Migraine botox prices vary according to the physician who will perform the application and the clinic where the application will be made. If you have migraine, you can increase your quality of life by having migraine botox application without trying to cope with it with medications.


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