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Hand Sweating with Botox

Hand sweating treatment with Botox is a safe, effective and practical method that has been used for a long time.

Hand Sweating with Botox
Hand Sweating with Botox Border

Hand sweating, which can occur especially in stressful times, is a condition that reduces a person's quality of life. Thanks to the sweating botox applied to the sweat glands on the hands, this problem is eliminated. Sweating botox is applied only to prevent sweat glands from producing sweat, numbness etc. does not occur in the hands.

How Does Hand Sweating Botox Effect ?

The botox type used for face and armpit sweating is the same as hand sweating. After hand sweating botox is injected into the sweat glands, it prevents the release of a nerve stimulant called acetylcholine, which initiates sweating. In this way, sweat glands on the hands cannot produce sweat.

How is Hand Sweating Botox Made ?

Before hand sweating botox is applied, your doctor will have information about your medical history. Then, suitable points are determined on your palm to make a botox injection. Then, the appropriate dose of Botox is injected with the help of very fine-tipped needles. The effect of botox application for hand sweating starts after about 1 week. This effect becomes fully evident within 10-14 days.

Things to Consider After Hand Sweating Botox

You should not wash your hands during the first 4.5 hours after hand sweating botox. On the first day of the application, you should not hold your hands in a fist position and should not squeeze them. Extremely hot and steamy activities such as Turkish bath and sauna should be avoided and hand massage should not be done.


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