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Beware of Fake Botox

Botox, which ranks first in non-surgical aesthetic procedures all over the world, is a very popular application.

Beware of Fake Botox
Beware of Fake Botox Border

Botox application, which is made by using a drug obtained from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum in a laboratory environment, must be performed by specialist physicians in a clinical setting in order to avoid the possibility of using fake medicine.

In recent years, we come across cases of fake botox application quite frequently. It is very important to pay attention to fake botox applications, especially in beauty salons. People may face this situation because they have botox application below the market value.

Considerations for Avoiding Fake Botox Application As long as it is done in expert hands, Botox gives satisfactory results for the patient. However, when the application is not done by experts and is done with fake botox medicine, it can have bad results. In order not to have a fake botox application, you must first have the procedure done by a physician. The second important part is that botox products are approved by the ministry of health. The third thing to pay attention to is botox prices. If Botox prices are far below the market prices, it is necessary to refrain from trading there.

Effects of Fake Botox Application

The effects of fake botox prices can be seen after a few days. Effects such as swelling, redness, pain and burning may occur in the area where Botox is applied. In some people, even rashes that spread to the whole body such as hives can be seen. In order not to face fake botox application, you must have the procedure done by a dermatologist, plastic surgeon or certified medical aesthetic physicians.


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